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Blanching may be used to preserve color and texture, to prepare ingredients ahead of time, and to prepare vegetables for freezing.

Blanching  brings out the flavor in vegetables while preserving nutrients and improving tenderness.  Use seasonal vegetables such as asparagus in spring, green beans in late summer or cauliflower in early fall.  You can store blanched vegetables in the refrigerator and quickly add them to soups, curries or salads or serve them as a snack with your favorite dip.

1 cup broccoli flowerettes
1 cup cauliflower flowerettes
1 cup carrot slices

Bring a large pot of water to boil.  Cut vegetables in pieces that would be easy to dip.  Prepare a large bowl or sink full of ice cold water.

///Just before blanching the vegetables, add couple of tablespoons of salt to the boiling water. Salt helps to maintain color and improve flavor, but it may be omitted if you wish.

Drop vegetables into boiling water.  Let boil until color brightens and vegetables become tender (a minute or two).  Drain water off and immediately plunge vegetables into cold water until they are cool.(This is called "shocking.")
Remove from cold water.  Toss with a splash of lemon juice or vinegar if desired or refrigerate for later use.
P.S Contrary to Conventional wisdom Leaving the Lid off does not affect the nutrients of the vegetables being cooked.

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